Visitors day 9.7.2023

My garden will be open for visitors Sunday July 7th 2023. For details check Avoimet puutarhat/Öppna trädgårdar. Welcome! (...)

New roses 2022

I have added some new roses to the rose list and the rose gallery. Among others BATHSHEBA, PERSIAN EYES, SCENTED AIR, SEE YOU IN PINK and TOTTERING-BY-GENTLY. Below SOURIRE D'ORCHIDÉE

                                                                                            Sourire d

Buying roses - from where and how

Many have asked if I sell roses. Well, I do, but only to those who visit my garden and at some garden events in the Vasa region. (...)

Rose book at reduced price

My book "Rosor i kallt klimat" (Swedish)/"Ruusutarha Pohjolassa" (Finnish) is now available at reduced price 9,90 Euros (regular price 29€). For more information about the book and links for ordering copies see My Rose Book in the main menu.

Pictures from this summer (2020) included in the photo galleries

Some of the best pictures from the past summer are now included in the photo galleries. They are either inserted as substitutes for earlier pictures or as new entries. There are for instance a couple of new found roses among the Lindqvist Roses that seem very promising. Their growing habits are very pleasing as well as their flowers and they do not seem prone to any diseases. I detected them in a rose bed in 2017 and this summer they produced their first flowers.  (...)

New GALLERY Albums

The GALLERY albums have been updated and some new albums added. The main change is that there is a new album containing all roses. This means it is easy to find all white roses, all ground cover roses or for instance all roses that have been introduced after the year 2000. Well, not all really, but those I have grown in my garden. So if you are looking for a white rose, go to ALL ROSES, press COLOR and WHITE. (...)

Ecological fertilizing

Visitors often ask what fertilizer I use. Sometimes they say: "I too have that rose in my garden, but it is not at all as lush and thriving as yours."  (...)

Summer update, new IL roses, propagating roses from summer cuttings

Summer is gone - well, not really, but we are edging towards fall. I have picked blueberries, cloudberries, nordic brambles (very rare, but the tastiest berries you'll ever come across!) and raspberries and harvested my garlic. The green house produces cucumbers, tomatoes, chili peppers and other niceties. The garden is abounding with colors. There were about 150 visitors in the garden for the Open Garden event. The visitors could see flowering trees and perennials and a few rose bushes in (...)

Good News and Bad News

All roses in my rose garden seem to have survived the winter - save one, of which I am not sure as of yet. So, possibly one casualty. Things were different a couple of years ago. In October 2016 there was a very long period of extremely low temperatures in Vasa. The end result was that I could not bury my roses for the winter. In spring I found over 200 dead rosebushes. Inadvertently I had proven how necessary it is to bury your not so frost hardy roses for the winter.  (...)

Name stones for the roses

P1070214cs-  P1070377cs-  DSCN2197cs (...)