I have published a book about roses in my rose garden in Vasa, Finland. The book is available in Swedish (Rosor i kallt klimat) and in Finnish (Ruusutarha Pohjolassa) but unfortunately not in English. It gives quite a bit of information about how different roses have fared in my garden. It also answers the question about how it is possible to grow, among other roses, more than 100 different Austin roses only a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle. The answer of course is the winter protection methods I use. In the book the methods are described also with the aid of illustrative pictures. Without even understanding the language the pictures should give an idea of how the winter protection is carried out in practice.

The main part of the book consists of my pictures of roses in my garden i Vasa. Many commentators have said, that you need not even be interested in roses to get pleasure out of this book. The pictures make it not only a book about roses but a photo book as well.

The book may be ordered from Boklund.fi, bookstores on the web or directly from me.


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