Many have asked if I sell roses. Well, I do, but only to those who visit my garden and at some garden events in the Vasa region.

When I buy bare root roses myself I normally order them from internet providers. When buying from countries south of Finland I always ask for early delivery in the fall (no later than the end of October) or late delivery in the spring (not before mid-April). If I get a batch of bare root roses in the fall I don't plant them, but dig a ditch for them in the potato field, cover them with soil, oak leaves and some fir branches, Before that I soak them in water for about 24 hours. Next spring they are normally in excellent condition, ready to be planted in their allotted places. 

Here a list of some of the rose providers I have used more frequently:

David Austin Roses, England (best quality you can get, which also shows in their prices, in addition to Austin roses they also sell a collection of other roses)

Groenloof, Germany (offers a wide variety of roses, excellent quality, some of the roses are sold in rather small quantities so to ensure that you get the roses you want it may be a good idea to order their News letter in order to get early information about when you can start ordering bare root roses)

Kordes Rosen, Germany (excellent quality, very reliable, offers Kordes' roses only)

Lens Roses, Belgium (offers a wide variety of roses, very good quality, very reliable, specializes in musk roses)

Petrovic Rosen, Serbia (offers a limited number of roses, the prices are far below any other rose provider I know of, quality OK)

Tuincentrum, Lottum, The Netherlands (a wide variety of roses available, also of tree roses, very low prices, quality normally OK)