All roses in my rose garden seem to have survived the winter - save one, of which I am not sure as of yet. So, possibly one casualty. Things were different a couple of years ago. In October 2016 there was a very long period of extremely low temperatures in Vasa. The end result was that I could not bury my roses for the winter. In spring I found over 200 dead rosebushes. Inadvertently I had proven how necessary it is to bury your not so frost hardy roses for the winter. 

All last year's new seedlings made it through the winter. I did bury them with lots of soil and oak leaves on top. They were in a frost free environment all through the winter.  I added a couple of the more promising ones to the picture album Lindqvist Roses.

The bad news is that the roses I tried to winter in the cold cellar did not make it. Not a single one! But, of course, it is far more important that the unique seedlings made it. The roses that were in the cold cellar can be reordered. I just lost some money.