Human beings were not equipped to endure cold winters. With some extra winter protection we survive quite nicely. Why then should not less frost hardy roses survive in cold surroundings provided they too get suitable winter protection?

English translation from the Introduction to my book Rosor i kallt klimat).

When I started growing roses about 30 years ago I had a hard time keeping them alive for more than one winter. Only the most frost hardy ones gave me some flowers. Nowadays I buy new roses without bothering about their hardiness zone. Yet, most of my roses grow well and flower abundantly.

The reason behind this change is the winter protection methods I have developed over the years. As we go along I plan to write something about what I do in my rose garden to keep the roses alive and happy and how I do it. I also plan to comment on individual roses.

In the book Rosor i kallt klimat I describe my wintering methods also with the aid of numerous pictures, so it should be possible to get a good idea of how I go along even without understanding the text. I also hope looking at the rose pictures will get you into a good mood! The book may be ordered from Boklund.

Of course, there is more to a rose garden than just roses. Occasionally I may write something about other bushes, trees, perennials and my vegetable garden, which includes a green house.

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