In April 2017 I was in Stockholm, Sweden, to talk about the way I protect my roses from the coldness of Nordic winters. This was at Nordiska Trädgårdsmässan, almost as close as you can get in the Nordic countries to the Chelsea Flower Show. When I was moving towards the place where I was supposed to get up in front of my audience it was hard to move forward as people were flooding past me in the other direction towards the gates. I was very tempted to inform them at the top of my voice that in order to hear what I had to say they needed to turn around and go back. As it turned out I had a nice crowd after all and a very interested one at that. 

Only afterwards I learned, that about an hour before I was to start speaking, a man with a big truck had driven along Drottninggatan in Stockholm with the aim of killing as many people as possible. All public transport had been shut down and the grounds of the Garden Fair were evacuated shortly after I had finished. Later on I have reflected that those that stayed to join me must have been truly devoted rose enthusiasts!